One big mistake many hypnotists make is this:

They think using hypnotic language, asking the right questions and applying fancy hypnosis techniques will do all the heavy lifting.

It’s true, all these elements matter a lot. Yet what matters even more, is the context they happen in.

Without the right hypnotic context, even the most polished techniques won’t give you the results you want.

The hypnotic context is what makes the magic happen. It puts your subject in the right frame of mind so all the other techniques can have the desired impact.

That’s when real change and transformation can take place.

And in this new video training, you’ll discover how to use the MetaModel within the right context to create therapeutic outcomes for your subject.

Watch the training to find out:

  • The 6 essential patterns of the MetaModel
  • How to avoid becoming a “Meta Monster”
  • How to organize the hierarchy of patterns within the MetaModel
  • How to challenge a belief in a way that leaves the subject doubting whether or not it’s still true

And much more.

So go ahead and discover how to use the MetaModel to create transformative outcomes for others!

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