Complete Mind & Body Wellness Hypnosis – Day 1


Sarah Devon – Owner

The 30 Day Mind & Body Wellness Hypnosis program was exclusively developed for by Sarah Devon and is offered for free as a package to introduce as many people as possible to the powers of hypnosis.  Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool when used in conjunction with other tools to improve the quality of your life, eliminate bad habits, increase physical and mental health, and much, much more.

To get this file PLUS all the other files related to this series & supplementary training FOR FREE in our Complete Mind & Body Wellness Training Program, register on our site here if you have not already.

You will receive the whole 30 day training program FOR FREE which includes:

  • daily hypnosis files, daytime and night time
  • daily mentorship training from Sarah Devon
  • daily action steps that are simple but effective
  • access to entire library of hypnosis files
  • much, much, more.

Below is a 5 minute excerpt from Day 1 to give you an idea of the recordings.


In order to maximize your use of this free hypnosis file and to receive all the other files related to this series, register on our site here if you have not already.   This file is only part of a 30 day body and wellness training regime that is completely free.   In this file you will start the process of implanting subconscious beliefs that will elevate your life on a daily level.   The audio background used in this file is Chakra Wellness.

File Length:  29 Minutes 32 Seconds


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