If you’re in the business of, well, any business, you are constantly seeing this message of, “Finishing strong.” Whether it’s the month, quarter, or the dreaded end of the year, you are constantly encouraged to review, correct, ramp up, and work harder to see those results. It’s the key to success right?

What isn’t often said is, this is exhausting! What do we do if we don’t feel like pushing ourselves harder? What if we are ready to let the results remain what they are and have that be an appropriate amount of success? 

As we wrap up 2021, I’m calling it in. I’m happy to say I made progress in the direction of my goals this year and whatever I didn’t achieve, can be done even after that magical number of 12:00AM hits on January 1, 2022.

You Deserve a Break

No matter what has happened this year, you deserve a break. You deserve to breath, relax, and enjoy your time with yourself, your friends, or family. I don’t care if you epically failed in all of your business ventures, you deserve to take the time to reset, realign, and get back on track. 

Working through exhaustion, a cluttered or distracted mind won’t do you or your business any good. You will be putting in half-assed effort and receive half-assed results. Making commitments to something your heart is not really in, is only going to cause negative energy and emotions to show up. Make sure whatever you are doing at the end of this year, is what you really truly want to be doing. 

I’m not saying you should ignore every email or call, but I am saying to invest your energy wisely.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The Results You Achieve Next Will Be Far Greater 

Taking time to rest, is only going to benefit you and your business. Have you ever gone on vacation or taken a long weekend only to come back with a full list of inspired ideas and inspiration to implement? I know I have.

Shutting your mind off, allowing yourself to direct your thoughts and attention elsewhere is what can help you come back fully focused and engaged. The obvious benefit of coming back well-rested and energized doesn’t hurt either. 

What you focus on expands. If you are constantly looking at the different points of your business that need improvement, you’re going to hit a mental wall. The answers don’t come from constantly looking at the problem, it comes from experiencing what’s around it. 

Trying Something New Brings a New Perspective

Let yourself enjoy your time away from the pressure of business and results just for a little bit. Enjoy yourself and remember why you’ve been pushing yourself so hard in the first place.

Live your life. Go out and try something new, let the experience expand your mind and bring a new perspective. Trying new things or even getting back to something you haven’t done in a long while, can recharge you and let those creative juices flow.

Trying something new could also mean making new, unexpected connections and opportunities. I had been warding off an invitation to help collaborate and organize an event this year (something completely outside of my comfort zone), but I finally decided to l hop on one of the planning calls. The instant joy I found in connecting with fellow creators and visionaries, launched me into a completely new level of thinking. There are others out there just like me, I bet the same can be said for you!

So what does, “Finishing strong,” mean to me? It means letting myself prepare for the next level of impact I intend to make. Preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Finishing strong means setting myself up for success by being fully charged, inspired, and most of all grateful to have the opportunity to have the business that I do. 

I encourage you to reset, re-align, and reimagine what success looks like for you going forward. Remind yourself that you deserve all the success in the world, but you also deserve to take a step back, slow down, and be okay with where you’re currently at. 

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