Everyone tells me, “Tim work on your Personal Brand.”

“Screw that!” I tell them.

To me, when someone says “Personal Brand” what they really mean is some selfish endeavor that feeds their ego and makes them look good to all the fake people that don’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things.

Forget impressing people with some perfectly written copy about all of your accolades.

Forget the perfectly taken photos that you pay a professional photographer for.

Forget the heavily Photoshopped images people have alongside their “PERSONAL BRAND.”

The whole personal brand thing is so boring to me. Whoever heard someone talk about their PERSONAL BRAND at a dinner party and then stopped what they were doing, put down their wine, spat out the olive that was in their mouth and listened with unwavering concentration?

Not bloody me and not you either.


I’m going to propose a change

Take all of that effort you wasted towards building your Personal Brand and create a PERSONAL MISSION to serve others.

I just created that bad boy there and then. I plucked it from nowhere and I like it quite frankly. What I’ve just done is take the focus off your own selfish bullshit and put the focus on something that will live well and truly beyond your BS personal brand mumbo jumbo.

Personally serving others will catapult every aspect of your life in the right direction. It will create momentum over time that even Mark Zuckerberg can’t match. You wanna be bigger than Zuck’s?


Listen up then

Put on your big boy/girls pants and take off the nappy. Your success is not about you, plain and simple. I can’t be any clearer than that. I get thirty messages a day saying, “I’m stuck, I’m scared, I’m a failure, I’m sad, I’m depressed.”

No, you’re not. You’re building a personal brand full of BS that nobody is buying and you’re unfulfilled.

Stop your complaining; take that personal brand crap they taught you at marketing school 101 and starts serving others with a genuine purpose that’s tied to what makes you happy. That’s the blueprint for life right there. You can stop emailing me because that’s all I do every single day.

There’s no silver bullet. Hustle hard, stay focused, do what inspires you, show emotion and serve others. Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s off to work you must now go.

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