#913: I’m back with Kate Eckman, my guest in Ziglar Show episode 911 where we discussed working out your spirit, mindset and mental health to be fit and resilient just as you workout your body. This is my habits episode and what I did here was have Kate share how her habits changed and evolved since her big wake up call. That wake up call was two very close friends committing suicide with a handful of months of each other that brought Kate’s life to a screeching halt and ultimate redirection into her vocational devotion today. She previously had habits in her life that helped her achieve success as an elite swimmer, model, TV anchor and broadcast journalist. So how did Kate’s habits change from those areas of external success to today where, while she still has success as a sought after executive coach, speaker and author, she is having success internally with inner peace and fulfillment? That is our episode. You can find Kate at kateeckman.tv

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Source: Zig Ziglar