College can be a really exciting place for students as they get their first real bout of freedom and liberty, away from their homes. Colleges are also there to train the students for their professional lives, and that is why surviving college life can be tough. You have to worry not only about your grades but also about the money.

You will be paying a tuition fee, rent, bills, and will need cash for other personal needs. Having a side job in college is a must; you need it for that extra money and to pay off your student loans. So, if you are worried about getting jobs and cannot find any, worry no more because we have listed some job ideas for you that you can easily manage while focusing on your studies as well below.

1. Become A Prep Tutor

Students who have recently done their SATs will find it much easier to teach others because it would be fresh in their minds. Prepping and taking the SAT is one of the first and hardest steps to entering college. Most of the students need some guidance to help them do it the right way. Use your experience and knowledge and help other students prepare for their entrance exams.

2. Virtual Librarian

If you love to read or are a researcher, your college research skills will easily land you a unique online position. When you’re a virtual librarian, you will provide the research, reference services, and instructional support, for a college.

3. Data Entry

It’s a job being pursued by many students as a side job because it doesn’t need people from some certain fields or doesn’t require any special qualification or skill. You just need to know how to work and enter data, which is pretty easy. As a proficient typist, you will not find it hard to secure a virtual data entry position full-time or part-time. It’s the best way to earn extra income for paying off student loan debt and not having to work too hard. Earn some money in your spare time in this online and flexible role.

4. Sell Stuff You Don’t need

We always own something that we don’t need, but it’s still in our possession. We can spend our lives without it yet somehow we still have it. The best way to deal with such objects is to get a profit out of them; you are not going to need them, so why not sell them? If an item is no longer bringing you joy, let it bring you money instead.

The cash you can earn will depend on how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. Part ways with your unused goods on online platforms such as Craigslist or eBay. Mobile apps like Letgo also offer a similar service. You will find many local buyers who want to get their hands on cheaper things, or you could get Craigslist or Letgo to help you.

These websites specialize in exchanges among the residents of the same city, and they also do not charge any fees. Ebay charges a sliding scale of fees for the transactions, but their platform is also better suited for other factors like shipping. That also gives you a wider number of potential buyers across the world.

5. Health Care Industry Administrative Assistant

Health care jobs at the clinic and hospital levels are in demand. Both hospitals and clinics seek people who can do part-time evening and weekend shifts to help them in scheduling, insurance verification, and even be the front desk/customer service staff. These jobs can pay from $10-$20 per hour, which is a decent amount even when you do a few hours a month. These jobs offer an opportunity for you so you can develop your communication, customer service, and critical thinking skills.

6. Try Delivery

There are a couple of new apps that allow individuals to deliver goods on their own schedules, providing more flexibility much like ride-sharing app. ‘Postmates’ is an application that employs workers in dozens of cities that can bring food and other goods to consumers. They can pay up to $25 per hour, and you do not need to own a car to deliver either.

The app is not available in all cities, but you can find many other food delivery services in your area that are eager for you to join them. Some analysts have said that, in a few years, the delivery industry will be worth $76 billion, so it can be a very profitable side job for you in due course.

No job is ideal, but in the given circumstances, you need to grab any opportunity you can in order to save up for your loan debts.

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