Success is difficult and it requires a lot of dedicated work and time to produce the extraordinary results that people desire. Even so, people are still chasing the success they want. Unfortunately, most people will remain ordinary and fail to produce the breakthrough results because they fail to realize these 3 secrets below.

1. Do What Matters Most

When it comes to achieving extraordinary results, you have to understand the power of your one thing. Read the book, ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller to further understand the principle.

Is what you do each day able to get you where you want to go? If your goal is to earn a million dollars this year, ask yourself if the work you are doing right now will be able to generate you this amount of money?

If it is not, then you have to change your approach and do something else. You must identify your one thing, your most important and result-yielding task, that if you do it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary.

Gary Keller calls it your domino. Success begets success and if you do one right thing, you will get the result that will lead you to do the next right thing. What most people never realize is that they think that success is about doing as much as possible. They try to do more, get up earlier and stay later than most people, they sacrifice their sleep and they ignore their health.

Success is about doing one right thing at a time. And you must identify that one right thing, which is your one thing. You can spend your whole life running west to chase the sunrise, and you will never get to see it because the sun rises on the east. It is about doing the right thing, and that right thing will be your most important task.

So find out what matters most to you and do it. There’s no point having 20 items on your to-do list if accomplishing them will not give you the result you desire. Instead, focus on doing one thing that matters most. Like the book suggests, ask yourself, “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

“The pursuit of mastery bears gifts.” – Gary Keller

2. Maintain Your Momentum

When people first started their journey, they are all excited and feeling motivated. However, as the time goes by, they start to lose steam and eventually forget about their goals and their dreams.

The reason is simple; they did not maintain their momentum. They let their day-to-day work distract them and let their goals and dreams die slowly. Successful people who go on to achieve extraordinary results understand the power to maintain their momentum. They do the work daily.

Michael Jackson trained to dance every day. Warren Buffett studies companies and the economy each day and he talks about it every moment. Michael Phelps practiced swimming 7 days a week and he makes sure he stays in the water longer than anyone else.

The key is to do your one thing every day. First, you want to develop the productive habit. And more importantly, you want to maintain your momentum and keep it going.

Try to set a new goal to lose weight, and then the next day, go for vacation for a week. Notice how your motivation will fade during that week when you are not doing anything about losing weight.

This is the silent killer that destroys most people’s dreams and prevents them from reaching their goals. You have to do something related to your one thing each day. You have to talk about it, read it, discuss it, act on it, do it, practice it and think about it at every moment.

If you don’t do it everyday, it will slowly slip out of your mind. And you will lose your momentum and drive. Never let that happen to you. Just commit to showing up each day.

“If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum” – Holly Near

3. Commit To Mastery

Last but not least, most people fail to realize that in order to be successful and to produce an extraordinary result, they need to commit to mastery.

If you want to be the best in your industry and your career, you must commit to learning and improving to become the best in what you do. When you become the best, great results will come to you automatically.

The sad truth is that most people never commit to mastery. They think that what they do is the best approach. Therefore, they never try new things and they never experience a breakthrough. Ever wonder why some people spend their whole life working in the same industry but they never tend to achieve anything significant? It is because they don’t commit to mastery.

They keep doing the same thing over and over again. As a result, they continue to get the same outcome every time. This phenomenon is obvious, especially in sports. Athletes who never commit to deliberate practice will never improve and eventually, other newcomers who perform better will overtake them. The same goes on in business and in life.

So commit to deliberate practice and become the master in what you do. The way you do things may not be the best approach. There are hundreds of ways you can achieve the success you want.

Breakthroughs will come when you combine these two together: Doing it your best, and doing it the best way it can be done.

Most people do their best, but not in the best way it can be done. When you commit to mastery, you must try a new approach, you must embrace change and you must give it your best and do it the best way it can be done.

When this happens, you will achieve breakthroughs and accomplish the extraordinary results you desire.

Which one of these three do you struggle with the most? Leave your thoughts below!

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