Many people reach out to me and want to know how I got to write for so many of the top publications on the internet.

They’re hoping to discover some secret trick.
They’re hoping they can jump the queue of all the other writers wanting exposure for their work.
They’re hoping I’ll cast a magic wand and instantly make them famous.

It’s not about fame, money, friends or magic tricks that are best kept at the circus.


What you’re missing.

I spent three years writing nonsense about stuff I hated. I hung out at weekend events recording video interviews that made me fall asleep when I watched them back. I said dumb stuff that upset people.

I reached out to lots of publications who turned me down or never responded. I got told “no” more times than I’ve had hot dinners.

For a long time, I had no credibility or reason for people to support me.

“I spent a lot of time at the bottom eating sh*t and wanting a break. I refused the temptation to feel sorry for myself or have others feel sorry for me”


What I did instead.

Worked my face off.
Posted blog articles at least three times a week.
Created the best art I could.
Stay inspired through podcasts and books.
Had Skype calls with top writers and offered them something in return.
Showed kindness towards every comment whether positive or negative.

I executed on my goals every single day until I got what I wanted. I chose inspiration and leading people, over Netflix and chill.


Somedays will suck.

Even after having many viral articles on the Internet, I managed to write something the other day that got 17 likes in total. It sucked worse than anything I’ve produced.

“You can’t sit at the top of “viral appreciation,” hugs and hi-fives forever”

You’ll go up, you’ll go down and you’ll rise again. It’s all part of the process.


There is no shortcut.

I got on many of these top publications by posting non-stop on lesser-known publications first. I wrote a lot so I could find my voice. I looked everywhere for advice that would help people. I never gave up and kept building momentum.

If you want to write for a top publication or be successful at anything, then you must understand that there is no shortcut other than putting in the work and executing.

There’s no shortcut. It all starts with you.

Oh, and you have to actually create something that is of value.

No one is rewarding you for generic, unhelpful, self-promoting pieces of content/writing.


Ask yourself these questions:

Can you be patient?
Will you put in the work?
Have you got experience?
Do you back yourself?
Is your ego in check?

You’ll get featured in a major publication if you act on this advice. I promise you.

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