What’s the Opportunity?

By Kristen Howe

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Wishing you Much Success in your Program.”

– Delores L.

Quick Tip

I understand that sometimes it is difficult in the moment of a seemingly negative experience to immediately look to discover the opportunity, and that’s okay – you’re human!

So, here’s something you can do…

First: Allow yourself 5 minutes to feel all of the bad, sad, angry, disappointing, upset feelings that are coming up for you – set an alarm and get it all out. Once the alarm goes off it’s time for the next step…

Second: Ask yourself this power question: “I know this feels bad right now and it feels hard to see an opportunity here, but if I could see an opportunity, what might it be?”

The trick with this is to allow yourself to diffuse the negative energy by releasing it first – yet not allowing yourself to get stuck there (that’s what the 5 minute timer is for) 🙂

I love this technique and I know you will too – let me know how it works!!!

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