Standing up at a wedding. Another fairytale unfolds. I think to myself “This is what life is.”

All each of us wants is for our dreams to come alive. That dream job. That dream romantic relationship. That dream holiday. That dream that occupies your mind 24/7.


I hope you get to see that dream sunset.

At the beach on a perfect summers day, I hope you get to see the sunset. It’s a moment that will make all of your problems seems so small. You’ll realize that the galaxy is so much bigger than your small human life. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to find the one.

Every one of us has a beautiful someone waiting for us in our dreams. I hope for each and every one of you that you get to meet that person in their real physical form. I hope you get to experience that feeling when you look into their eyes and see nothing but a sky full of stars.

For that one moment, all you can see is their soul. You can see who they are and in return, see yourself with all of your flaws. In that person’s eyes, you see your own imperfection.

Rather than ignore that imperfection, the other person makes you proud of it. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to experience passion.

The sort of passion that comes from doing work you love. The passion that comes from doing something that you know is contributing to others – the best kind of passion that comes from giving 100% of yourself each and every day.

We all long for that dream career or business that makes us want to get up in the morning with a spring in our step. It’s possible for all of us, including you. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to experience energy.

The energy that allows you to stay awake past your bedtime and dream of the life you’ve always wanted. The energy that allows you to live that high-intensity life until the day you die. To not have this energy goes against everything you are capable of.

You’ll need to create discipline in your life to ensure that you put things into your body that allow energy to flourish. You deserve to have energy oozing out of your body. You deserve to be able to inspire those around you with the person you’ve become. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to experience giving up an addiction.

Our lives are full of temptation. We sacrifice so much when we give in to every carrot that is dangled in front of our face.

“The feeling you get when you give up temptation is so powerful. You feel in control and you realize that your thoughts can take you to the brightest places on Earth”

You also realize that these same thoughts can take you to the darkest places at the same time. I’ve been to those dark places and you don’t want to go there. Giving up addictions is how you get back on track. Addiction is a roadblock that is blocking the path to your greatness.

I can’t way to see what you give up next. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to see the power of forgiveness.

We hold so much pain inside our hearts because we’re too afraid to overcome our ego and forgive someone. We all have that friend, family member or work colleague that may have wronged us. Holding onto that feeling is stopping us in our tracks.

That pain that we hold onto occupies space in our brain. Everything we do has a price including holding back forgiveness. Free your soul. Free your mind. Push past the horrible acts that people commit and give them a second chance.

If you don’t want to make it about them, then make it about you. Allow yourself to forgive someone and see another side to success. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to experience deep vulnerability.

The kind that scares you. Where you share something that hides deep down inside of you that you don’t want to let go of. The vulnerability that comes from taking off the mask and showing your true self. It may start with one person, but my hope is it can be seen by many people.

The sort of vulnerability you get at 2 am in the morning while sitting in your car with someone you are getting to know. You both share your deepest inner conflict and realize it’s exactly the same one. For a split second, you see that our problems are not so uncommon after all.

Many of us hold the same issues inside of us. Then, when you share that vulnerable moment on that freezing cold night in your car, you feel a sense of freedom. That’s a dream I want you to have.


I hope you get to find happiness.

Not the happiness you see on those travel websites when you escape your life and go to another country. I mean the kind of happiness you get from holding a glass of warm something in your hands. I mean the simple kind of happiness that can be found in something as small as a smile.

The happiness that you get when you walk to work and realize that your life is actually pretty good. You’re alive, breathing, have food in your stomach and have today to make a change. That small change that will lead you to that big change.

The big change that will make your dreams come alive. That’s a dream I want you to have.

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