Highly conscious individuals don’t give up when faced with a challenge, they often won’t even veer from their path for long when facing what others might regard as enormous difficulties. They have learned that contained within every experience (desired or not) is an opportunity for exploration, awareness and expansion.

They also have the skills, tools and resources to dig deep and do what’s required to hang in there, even when it’s tough, painful and seems unrelentingly difficult. These people tend to live accelerated lives and know that by facing what feels insurmountable, they become wiser, more adept at handling anything in life and business and will ultimately discover more of themselves in the process.

Here are six attributes, I’ve discovered that these courageous role models have in common:

1. They don’t give up or give in

An example from my own life is having had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 20 years. By this reality’s standards, I didn’t know if I could ever ‘get better’ or shift my experience, but somewhere inside lay an unshakable belief that wellness existed for me, which propelled me through the tough times, as if the solution lay just around the corner.

That didn’t mean I didn’t endure frustration, disappointment, loss, self-doubt, feelings of being a victim or hating on my body. On the road to unraveling these conditioned emotions with courage and growing self-awareness, I began to glimpse a sense of empowerment and profound truth that would ultimately re-direct my entire future, unlocking my health and well-being in the process.  

Because of my unwavering determination to uncover what I knew deep down, my health is completely different today than it was five or even several years ago. I have a thriving mentoring and healing practice and I write for you about my experiences.

TIP: Where do you habitually give up on what is true for you when things seem difficult? Where could you commit more to creating the future you’ve always dreamed of?  

2. Use their own lack of beliefs as an opportunity to learn about themselves

Immediately beneath every negative emotion (and negative reaction to an undesirable outcome) lurks a lack belief waiting to be discovered and cleared. When we are fearless enough, trust in our own process and are totally committed to expansion, we will examine uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and emotions and look for what lies below.

Therein is a valuable gold mine about what we believe that no longer serves us. Conscious legends comprehend that if they can find that belief, they can clear it and be free, going forward with greater confidence, momentum and ease.

TIP: Negative emotions are like road signs that direct us to hidden, unhelpful beliefs that when cleared, will allow us to expand towards what we desire most.

“There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” – Anthony Rapp

3. Determine their responses based on what they want to create next, not what has happened

Conscious geniuses know that what is manifesting right now is a match for their past vibrational state (determined by old patterns of thoughts, feelings and emotions and choices). They know that by reacting to what is, with similar emotions, more of that will ensue.

By contrast, they also comprehend the quickest way to unravel present outcomes and materialize a brighter future is to raise their vibration now, so that what can show up in the future is different.  

It is a paradigm shift acknowledging this and trusting it to be true and there is much to learn about the art of manifesting done effectively. If we are willing to learn, the benefits are exemplary.

TIP: Where are you locked into a cycle of negative manifesting-reaction-negative manifestation? Click here  if you would like some help from me to change this.  

4. Think independently and ignore their conditioning

We are very entrained to resist and react to unwanted outcomes, judge experiences as right or wrong and imagine ourselves as victims of the things we don’t want; dis-empowering ourselves in the process.

Conscious heroes know that they have a choice what they tell themselves about all events. Processing challenging happenings in a way that by-passes ego and a trauma/drama response, takes courage and self-awareness and sets them apart from others.

Once we acknowledge the degree to which we are entrained in our responses, it becomes easier to choose authentically and powerfully for ourselves instead.

TIP: If you hadn’t received all the conditioning you’ve had, how would you respond differently to any challenges you’re now facing? What would you tell yourself instead that allows you to move one step forward with ease?

5. Flow with life instead of trying to control outcomes

Often the biggest gifts show up in ways we aren’t anticipating. If they came delivered exactly how we expected, we wouldn’t explore or learn from things and we don’t always have the insight at any given time to know what is for our highest good either. When we are willing to have that amount of allowance for life showing up in a myriad of ways, anything is possible.

TIP: You are a powerful being that can handle anything. The more we try to control outcomes, the more we block ourselves and can’t receive what is being abundantly given.

“This is how memories are made… by going with the flow.” – Amanda Bynes

6. Trust and interpret positively what they don’t yet understand

We often don’t get the awareness from something challenging until much later on. When we miss out on something we thought we wanted, very often life has another opportunity just around the corner that is even greater. We live in such an abundant Universe that life is always gifting to us.

TIP:  Where are you giving enormous significance to a recent loss or missed opportunity? What else is possible that you hadn’t imagined, how are you wiser now?

Challenges may not always bring us what we thought we wanted, but the flip side of what presents as a difficulty if well handled, can also deliver us gifts of insight, growth and strength beyond what we thought we possessed.

When we flow with what is happening, look a little deeper and allow what is without making it a wrongness, the rewards contained therein will often surpass what we were originally looking for.

Do this over and over and suddenly our muscle for processing the unexpected is highly developed and we start to anticipate and almost enjoy these opportunities to embrace all of life with greater ease and even wisdom and joy.

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